tom Laurenson


Tom Laurenson can help you to improve your presentation skills

Why is that important?  For several reasons.

Any time you try to inform or persuade someone, you need presentation skills to do it effectively. 

Ever given a college presentation which didn’t really reflect your ability and your knowledge of the subject?

Ever failed at a job interview because you couldn’t get your experience across?

Ever struggled at a workgroup  trying to persuade colleagues how good your idea is?

Ever quailed at the thought of giving a conference presentation about your research, your experience, or your plan?

One thing is clear.  It doesn’t take too much skill to rise above the competition.  In the current economic climate, good presentation skills can make the difference between success and failure at both personal and corporate levels.

Many companies offer presentation training.  Some offer mantras - 6 ways to do this, 7 rules for that, etc.  Others provide a standard training package which works for most people.  They’ve done it so often that they are polished performers, but will their standard package work for you?

I recognize individuality.  I offer a variety of tools and approaches so that participants can select methods according to their own personalities and learning styles.  I don’t give you one magic method, because there isn’t one.  Instead, I help you to identify areas where you could be stronger, and suggest appropriate ways to work on improvement.

Try the free hints and tips.  If you like what you see, perhaps we can do business.


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